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About us

We love it when people communicate positively with each other and beautify their environment together. Graz is a beautiful city full of charming people. Therefore, we have made it our goal to give something back to the people of this city in order to support the positive hustle and bustle of this city in our own way. Our motives are simple:

  • Hospitality
  • Having fun in your free time
  • Quality and
  • Integration

We report regularly about the events in Graz with many photos and articles.

In addition, we carefully check whether we have to reject or block events. If events with a higher profile are not listed on our site, this usually has a well-considered reason, which we also announce if necessary.

Likewise, we have noticed from our own experience that known event sites in Graz can be a bit of a barrier when it comes to publicizing smaller but still very nice events in Graz. We would therefore like to be a support for these positive events, which like us, strive for the vision of community and integration.

The city of Graz is growing. Therefore, it is also our task to direct the eyes of our visitors to the beautiful sides of our home and to strengthen them. Together we want to make the green heart of Styria beat faster.

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