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Barbara Balldini – g’hörig Durchgeknallt

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Date: 22. July 2021
Time: 20:00 - 22:00

Kasematten Graz

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Can love in lovemaking be preserved in the 21st century? The most beautiful things in the world have never been easier to get and so confusing, even amazing. In the jungle of possibilities between online dating, Internet pornography and media overload, men and women can easily lose their sense of direction. Austria’s most interesting sex educator, Barbara Balldini, studied mating behavior in the 21st century in her new song and dance performance. It is full of humor and offers much self-knowledge to achieve a fulfilling love life. Direction and Calm. From January 2020 Barbara Balldinis opened her new song and dance show “G’hörig DURCHGEKALLT” whereby love and sexual habits of modern people are analyzed with a magnifying glass. In addition, words are taken directly from the Vorarlberg dialect. In more than 20 years of experience as a sex educator, Barbara Balldini has examined the extent to which we are decent, clean and truly dissatisfied in love relationships today. Her diagnosis is: “Love or our perception of love has changed completely in recent times. In the overstimulation between tinder and speed dating, pornographic platforms and online glasses, swingers clubs and sex doll brothels can cause some people to lose their way. But where is the destination? Baldini talks about what it was like in the past, what it looks like today and the whole process in her new program. It’s as rich, interesting, accessible and neutral as ever. So far, she has skillfully held up a mirror to our own behavior, giving us reasons to smile at ourselves and make suggestions to better ourselves – or just be more relaxed with ourselves and our loved ones. True to the motto, “You are in good shape as long as you love and love yourself.” Balldini knows what she’s talking about: as a mother of three, in a long-term relationship, and 20 years of sex education, she understands her field. The wrong kind of love, sexual desire, and certain moments of trouble that plague us all. She showed how online dating can change our matchmaking behavior and social media can disrupt changes in marriage or parenting relationships. She explained why affairs are not always the end of the world and why age does not protect people from love. She can be sure that “Asexual Marriage” is effective and age differences are also okay. As usual, the audience has a lot to learn and a lot to laugh at Baldini’s seventh educational program.