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Herbert Pixner Projekt

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Date: 27. August 2021
Time: 20:00 - 22:00

City Graz

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An extraordinary musical project from South Tyrol by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Herbert Pixner, Manuel Randy, Heidi Pixner and Werner Antlercher are currently the most successful performances in the category of “new and progressive folk music”. This project has no regional distribution, as it cannot explain the power of its performance in any way. Through unconventional performances, outstanding musicians build a musical bridge between their remote hometowns. With playful and sensual tenderness, strong rock and blues improvisation, superb playing skills and exhilarating fun, they have been attracting a growing audience for many years. Euphoric, energetic, nervous and unforced improvisation – the “Herbert Pixner Project” inspires the audience, intelligent, authentic instrumental music in a relaxed interaction with ease. Different soundproof carpets are woven here, with a soft and melancholic space and an endless space for explosions. It sounds minimal, hard, epic and very sexy. All this is alpine world music without cultural tyranny and with a high level of music. It embodies the desire for freedom and romance, wild storms and especially unrestricted fun. It’s free, unrestricted, sometimes cool and reserved, and sometimes so passionate that you almost forget there are only four people on stage. It sounds like it should be in a world where there are no clear boundaries. Everything seems to fall apart in it, but everything is somehow integrated.